Depending on what part of the country you are from, usually decides what teams you will get to watch, we all have it made up in our minds, that the team we are a fan of must mean that our team plays in the best most dominant conference in college football history, from the SEC fans that at everygame will chant S.E.C. to the opposing non conference opponent, on down to the Pac12, who call themselves the Conference of Champions, although most people think they are the lowest of all power 5 conferences.     We will take a look at history and at the conferences winning records against the rest taking into effect the strength of schedules as well, and try to be non biased in deciding our conference rankings in ncaa football, and what conference stands above the rest.


10. Mid-American Conference

The Mid American Conference comes in at No. 10 on our list, simply because they have a loosing record against all other FBS confernces.


9. Sun Belt Conference

App State the giant killers can not get the Sun Belt conference from coming in any better then at No. 9 Best team, App State, worst team, Idaho.


8. Conference USA

Placed here at No. 8 due to there record against the Sun Belt, and MAC, and then the drop off against the rest even though they are pretty even with the AAC, we ranked them a spot lower only because of what UCF has been able to do in recent years. Best team, Western Michigan, worst team, Rice


7. American Athletic Conference

Placed here at No. 7 even though they do have a winning record against the Mountain West Conference, but when the games matter and they play the better competition out of the other conferences their record tends to show there talent. Best team, UCF, worst team, Tulane


6. Mountain West Conference

The best of the non power five in ncaa football, Notice .500 or above record against all conferences when it comes to the games that matter, bowl games. Best team, Boise State, worst team, San Jose State.


5. Atlantic Coast Conference

It's Clemson and nobody else at the moment, with out Clemson the ACC might actually not be a top 5 conference, yes Clemson is the best team in college football, but when you can go thru a conference schedule being two touchdown favorites or better against every team, there just isnt any real competition to put wear and tear on them like the other teams. Best team, Clemson, worst team, Louisville, but you can make an arguement for many of the others.


4. Big 12 Conference

The Big12 is placed at the No. 4 spot due to most years its been Oklahoma and everyone else, but lately Texas and a fw other programs are making a drastic turn around, and making it a little tougher for the Sooners each year. Best Team, Oklahoma, worst team, Kansas.


3. Pac 12 Conference

The Pac 12 has always gotten looked down upon in college football, they are percived as a low teir power five conference, but noticing the fact that most their games are played against the top six confrences in college football, with a total record of 71- 3 overall versus the weakest FBS conferences,     compared to the SEC with a record of 397- 50 over all record against the same low teir conferences, we feel the Pac 12 is getting a bad rap. Winning records against all conferences but the SEC, and Big12 places the Pac 12 third on our list as best conference, with the chance in the near future to jump ahead of the Big 10, with several home and homes scheduled, the biggest being Oregon vs Ohio State in 2020 and 2021. Best team, Washington, worst team, Oregon State.


2. Big 10 Conference

Even though the Big10 has a slightly loosing record against the Pac 12, they earn the No. 2 ranking of best confrences by an edge, due to the most recent games played head to head when it matters most. Ohio State fans should be proud, because if it wasnt for there recent victories over Oregon, (National Championship) and Washington, (Rose Bowl) the Pac 12 would be sitting at No. 2. Best team, Ohio State, worst team, Rutgers.


1. South Eastern Confernce

Winning records against all other conferences, the only knock on the SEC would be the amount of games they play a year against lower teir confrences and the FCS teams. But when it matters the SEC conference steps up in big games against the power five confrences and pulls out victories. Best team, Alabama, worst team, Vanderbilt.

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